FCC Rockwall

Children & Youth Sunday School

Faith Journey is the descriptive name of our Sunday School for three-year-olds through 5th graders.  They encounter the scriptures through drama, crafts and cooking.  They have loads of fun while learning the Bible.

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade group is called Chi Rho.  They meet together for topical discussion on Sunday mornings and participate in the many youth group activities throughout the year.

Highschoolers are in CYF (Christian Youth Fellowship), which recently completed a study of world religions, including field trips to other houses of worship.

Each year a Young Disciples Class is held during the weeks preceding Easter for children who are ready to learn more about their faith, baptism, and church membership.  Children in grades 4 through 6 are generally the right age and maturity level for this class.

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