FCC Rockwall

What to Expect (Read More)

When you arrive at FCC Rockwall, you will find plenty of parking spaces for visitors close to either of the entrances.  You will see that some people enter through the double wooden doors close to the circle drive which is the front of the worship space.  You’ll see people in all sorts of dress, from very casual to dressed up, but most lean to the casual side.   Most people enter through the glass doors on the east side of the building, the back of the worship space. There is always coffee and cookies or donuts close to the glass doors. You will be handed a worship bulletin when you enter the building or you will find one close to the door.  You will find a low pressure atmosphere, but it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to go ten minutes without being greeted and welcomed by several people. We welcome ALL people! A nursery is provided for infants up to 3-year-olds.

You are welcome to sit anywhere you feel comfortable, but you will want to sit where you have a good view of the screen.  Music will begin the worship service.  It might be music from the organ, piano, the praise team, or a harp and penny whistle.  The pastor then welcomes everyone and invites the gathered to participate in the worship service as well as the outreach ministry of the congregation.   The worship will be started by either a praise team song (singers, guitars, piano) or a hymn followed by a congregational responsive reading with a lay leader. You will see both women and men leading the worship.  The pastor leads everyone into a time of silent prayer, followed by his prayer aloud, and then the Lord’s Prayer.  There are choral responses throughout the entire worship with the words displayed on the screen and also page numbers for the hymnals under the chairs.  At Children’s Moment, children are invited to come forward for a brief lesson and are then dismissed for Children’s Church.   A leader will be visible to help guide the children to the Children’s Church room.

Every Sunday, First Christian Church celebrates the Lord’s Supper, the communion of our Lord, with bread and juice. Everyone is welcome to partake. An offering follows the communion; visitors and guests are invited to let their presence in the worship be their offering for the day.  Following the offering prayer and musical response, there is usually a special presentation by the choir or praise team.  A sermon follows by the pastor.  It will be based on a scripture text, with reference to the Biblical context and with application to our daily living.  An invitation is given after the sermon, asking participants to respond with their feet to commit/recommit their life to Christ and/or to unify with the ministry and outreach of the congregation. (This is not a high pressure invitation but is very sincere). A hymn or praise song is a part of the invitation.  If someone comes forward, the congregation is seated and the pastor shares the intent of the person who came forward.  Everyone joins hands as we sing our closing song.  A benediction by the pastor ends the worship.

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